Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mozilla FireFox --> How to add security certificate exception urls

If you visit a web site with a secure connection(https) and if the website's security certificate has some problem like the security certificate presented by the website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority  or  the security certificate has expired or is not yet valid, you will get an error page ( like below in IE ) with an option to continue to this website.

When this non secure page is loading, in Internet Explorer, you will get an option to specify whether you need to download the page content files like JS, CSS, Images,... But you will not get such an option in FireFox/Chrome and could see only the text data in this new non secure page.

If you are doing some local development with FireFox/Chrome and have such a situation, you might want to override this security restriction. FireFox provides some exception url list in secure certificates menu. Go to Options - Advanced - Encryption - View Certificates and click the exception list and add your url to get all content of the site irrespective of the security certificate issue.

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