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ATG Order update - InvalidVersionException and ConcurrentUpdateException

ATG repository item descriptor can have the version property. The atg.adapter.gsa.ItemTransactionState holds this version information. For example consider the Order item-descriptor. It has the version property defined against the table dcspp_order. Means, the dcspp_order table has the column version which defines which version of order is currently in the DB. Each order update flow will update this column.  <property name="version" display-name-resource="version" data-type="int" queryable="true" readable="true" column-name="version" hidden="false" category-resource="categoryInfo" expert="true" required="false" cache-mode="inherit" writable="true">     <attribute name="uiwritable" value="false"/>     <attribute name="propertySortPriority" value="30"/>   </property> ------------------------------- Du