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JBOSS How to change the default HTTP port 8080

To change the default HTTP port 8080, you need to edit the “jboss-service.xml” (<jboss>\server\<application>\conf\jboss-service.xml). In your “jboss-service.xml” ,search for the mbean ServiceBindingManager. It will be commented by default. You can uncomment it. It is referring to a sample xml port binding file in the example folder ( ${jboss.home.url}/docs/examples/binding-manager/sample-bindings.xml ). You can either use this xml or copy it to another location and give that path in your “jboss-service.xml”. In the sample-bindings.xml,  search for the <server name=”ports-01?> ( as given in your “jboss-service.xml” ) . In this “server name” , search for the “service-config” with <delegate-config portName=”URLPort”/> for the “type=HTTP” and change the port to <binding port=”8180?/> to use 8180 instead of 8080.

Eclipse plugin: InstaSearch – for quick search

InstaSearch is an Eclipse plug-in for performing quick and advanced search of workspace files. This will index the files and when you search for some file contents, it will look with in this index and the search results will be faster, just like the Goolge instant search. It uses Lucene ( ) for indexing and fast searching of files in the workspace. Each search result file then can be previewed using few most matching and relevant lines. A double-click on the match leads to the matching line in the file. Main Features Instantly shows search results Shows a preview using relevant lines Periodically updates the index Matches partial words (e.g. case in CamelCase) Opens and highlights matches in files Searches JAR source attachments Supports filtering by extension/project/working set Download / Installation In Eclipse Helios (3.6) please install using the  Eclipse Marketplace from the Help menu