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Jsp and CSS size limits that web developers need to aware

Here I am listing some erroneous cases that might occur in your web development phase, due to some size restrictions. JSP file size limit : You might get some run time exceptions that the JSP file size limit exceeds. Please find below the reason : In JVM the size of a single JAVA method is limited to 64kb. When the jsp file is converted to Servlet, if the jspservice method's size exceeds the 64kb limit, this exception will occur. Keep in mind that this exception depends on the implementation of the JSP translator, means the same JSP code may give an exception in Tomcat and may run successfully in Weblogic due to the the difference in the logic to built the Servlet methods from JSP. The best way to omit this issue is by using dynamic include.For example, if you are using                  <%@ include file="sample.jsp" %> (static include),  replace this to                 <jsp:include page="sample.jsp" />   (dynamic include). Static includ

ATG Search architectural flow : Search and Index

I would like to explain the high level ATG Search implementation architecture ( for an online store) through the above diagram. In this diagram 1.x denotes the search functionality and 2.x denotes the indexing functionality. I have given JBoss as the application server. Physical Boxes and Application Servers in the diagram ( as recommended by ATG )  : Estore ( Commerce ) Box --> The box with the estore/site ear (with the site JSPs and Java codes). Search Engine Box --> The box with the search engine application running. Indexing Engine Box --> The box with the indexing engine application running. CA (Content Administration) Box --> The box with the ATG CA ear ( where we could take CA -BCC - Search Administration and configure the search projects) . Search Indexer Box --> The box with the ATG Search Index ear ( to fetch the index data from repository). Note that the engine performing indexing will need access to the data it is indexing, which for production

Is your e-Banking is secure with the extensions/add-ons ?

If your browser is having a large number of extensions/add-ons, how can you ensure a secure e-banking ? Chrome incognito window or IE / Mozilla private browsing is the best option you have, to do the e-banking. Google Chrome does not control how extensions handle your personal data. But all the extensions have been disabled for incognito windows. (You can reenable them individually in the extensions manager ). The simplest way to start Chrome in Incognito @ Windows 7 is to right-click on its taskbar icon . Also think about the other uses of Chromey incognito, just like to use it for Guest account log-ins ...

Good features of Eclipse 3.6 (Eclipse Helios) JDT

Read the Eclipse Galileo features @ New options in Open Resource dialog : The Open Resource dialog supports three new features: • Path patterns: If the pattern contains a /, the part before the last / is used to match a path in the workspace: • Relative paths: For example, "./T" matches all files starting with T in the folder of the active editor or selection: • Closer items on top: If the pattern matches many files with the same name, the files that are closer to the currently edited or selected resource are shown on top of the matching items list. MarketPlace :  Searching and adding new plugins for Eclipse have always been a challenge. The Eclipse Marketplace makes this much easier – it allows you to not only search a central location of all Eclipse plugins, but also allows you to find the most recent and the most popular plugins. Fix multiple proble

Google Chrome shortcut keys

If you are a Google Chromey guy, please find below the list of shortcut keys for some of the most used features  :-) Find more shortcut keys @

MPC way of subtitle download

How can we easily download the subtitle of a video ? If you are using the Media Player Classic, there is an easy option to download subtitle (if you are already connected to internet). Go to File --> Subtitle Databse --> Download. Now a list of subtitles will be listed including the language and you can choose the one and also can replace the existing one (if any). You have the option to save this subtitle (@  File --> Save Subtitle). Please find below some snaps:

Intimation u/s 143(1) of the Income Tax act

Have you got your Income Tax filing e-receipt ? After a successful assessment of tax returns, income tax department issues Intimation u/s 143(1). Normally these intimations will be received through email to the Email address provided when filing income tax returns online. If “NET AMOUNT REFUNDABLE /NET AMOUNT DEMAND”  is less than Rs 100, you can treat this Intimation u/s 143(1) as completion of income tax returns assessment under Income Tax Act. It can be useful for the proof of Income/ Completion of income tax returns assessment. In case of demand , we need to pay the entire Demand within 30 days of receipt of this intimation.The payment can be made using the printed challan enclosed in the mail or you can go for online tax payment. The Tax Payment challan is enclosed if the Tax Payable exceeds Rs. 100. If you go for online tax payment, follow the instructions listed @  and select the "Type

Check your PF balance

You can check your PF balance from the site : Go to the menu :  “ My Epf Balance ” .  This will lead to the url : Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Account number.You will be asked to enter your name and mobile number. The given mobile number will be recorded along with the PF Account Number. On successful submission of above information, the details will be sent through SMS to the given mobile number. Please find below some screen shots:

Lucene, sample JAVA code to Search an indexed file folder

Please find below the Lucene sample JAVA code to search the files inside a folder. This code will search the indexed folder for a search query in an indexed field. This java code is expecting the index path ( where the index files were created ) , field which need to be searched and the query need be searched as program arguments like  "java SearchFiles [-index dir] [-field f] [-query string]" . import; import java.util.ArrayList; import org.apache.lucene.analysis.Analyzer; import org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer; import org.apache.lucene.document.Document; import org.apache.lucene.queryParser.QueryParser; import; import; import; import; import; import org.apache.lucene.util.Version; public class SearchFiles { public static void main(String[] args