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Eclipse Release History

Go to the site   to get the latest Eclipse. For those who want an overview of Eclipse releases, please find below: 3.3: Eclipse Europa 3.4: Eclipse Ganymede 3.5: Eclipse Galileo 3.6: Eclipse Helios 3.7: Eclipse Indigo 3.8 (4.2): Eclipse Juno 4.3: Eclipse Kepler

EMI calculator and Loan calculator : An xls attached to help you

This time I am attaching an xls file that will help you to find the EMIs of your loan and will help you to get an idea about how your bank is calculating the EMIs and how much principal repayment is done every month.  This will also help you to calculate the total interest and principal repayment for a financial year, that will help you to declare the Tax in case of Home Loans. This calculator is using the PMT excel formula to find the EMI. Click the link to download the   EMI Calculator . The xls file has two sheets : EMI Calculator –> This sheet will help you to calculate the EMIs if you enter the Loan amount, Loan tenure in years and Interest Rate. EquiDivided_Principal –> This sheet will help you to calculate the monthly payments if your bank is not following the EMI approach and is using the equi divided principal approach for the loan. Here also you need to enter the Loan amount, Loan tenure in years and Interest Rate to get the details. To compare the home loan

ATG : Oracle started new discussion forum for ATG

Oracle has started a new ATG discussion forum on oracle discussion forums.  It has a main ATG section and is divided into technical and business categories. You can access the url .  After Oracle acquired ATG, this was much expected and we can hope this forum might give us a better chance to discuss our ATG doubts and more people will come and discuss about ATG. Find the ATG docs @

ATG DUST: How to invoke OOB Droplets

ATG DUST(Dynamo Unit and System Tests) is a framework for building JUnit tests for applications built on the ATG Dynamo platform. This framework allows one to quickly write test code that depends up Nucleus or ATG Repositories. You can download the latest version of ATG DUST from . It provides both both src and lib files. To write an ATG JUNIT testcase to invoke an existing OOB Droplet, follow the following steps : Create an Eclipse project with the downloaded src and lib files. Give class path to the follwing files : <ATG_Folder>\das\lib\classes.jar , <ATG_Folder>\dps\lib\classes.jar  and <ATG_Folder>\das\lib\resources.jar ,  <ATG_Folder>\dps\lib\resources.jar Create an environment variable DUST_HOME and point it to your ATG junit folder, for example: D:\SonyTools\Atg_DUST_JUnitTest\java To compile the ATG DUST for ATG 2007 version, edit the downloaded DUST java src file atg.servlet.ServletTestUtils to correct

SSL configuration in JBoss

To configure an SSL port with keystore , check the following steps: 1. Generate the keystore with the following command ( using the java keytool command) keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA -keystore NAME_OF_KEYSTORE -validity NUMBER_OF_DAYS ( For more details check the url ) 2. Copy the file into the jboss/server/<NAME>/conf/ directory 3. Edit the server.xml in the following path JBoss version 4.0.4 = jboss/server/<NAME>/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar/ JBoss version 4.2.2 = jboss/server/<NAME>/deploy/jboss-web.deployer/ 4. For JBOSS 4.0.4 the SSL-connector should be configured like: <!– SSL/TLS Connector configuration using the admin devl guide keystore     –> <Connector port=”THE_PORT_YOU_LIKE” address=”${jboss.bind.address}” maxThreads=”100? strategy=”ms” maxHttpHeaderSize=”8192? emptySessionPath=”true” scheme=”https” secure=”true” clientAuth=”false” keystore

Google Chrome : Extensions and Applications

Following are some set of configurations that you can do after installing the Google Chrome : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To get the home button in the toolbar go to Options – Show Home button in the toolbar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ World time application –> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stop watch application –> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ chrome SEO extension –> ----