Monday, 20 February 2012

ATG Search and startRemoteLauncher

If the search engine application is running in a separate box than the ATG CA-BCC deployed server, the search engine is invoked through a remoteLauncher running in these boxes. Means, a remoteLauncher needs to run in the host where SearchEngine is installed remotely to start the search engine. You could find the @ ATG/ATG2007.1/Search2007.1/SearchAdmin/bin/

Start remoteLauncher using the command  ./ –p <RMI Launcher service Port > &

The Launcher Service Port on the host machine can be found in BCC @
Search Administration>Projects > Search Project: gmri_search_en_CA > Environments > Host Machine: > Advanced Settings.

If the startRemoteLanucher reports a BindingException, then you need to find the process that is using the launchServicePort. For that run the netstat command like :  netstat -an |grep 10880
Then inorder to identify the process that uses this port run the command like :
run 'pfiles /proc/* > /export/build/process.txt' .
Then run grep -n 10880 /export/build/process.txt  to get the line number and open the process.txt file and go to the lineNumber and find the ProcessID some few line above.

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