Sunday, 16 June 2013

ATG and XML File Combination

              An XML file might appear at several points in the CONFIGPATH. The ATG platform, at runtime,   automatically combines all the XML files in the CONFIGPATH with the same name into a single composite file, which is then used by the appropriate component.

              XML files are combined one tag at a time: in other words, tags are matched up, and the combination rules are applied to each pair of matched tags. XML file combination is controlled with an XML attribute named xml-combine. This attribute is used only in the preprocessing stage of XML file combination.

The xml-combine attribute can have the following values:

xml-combine = "replace"
xml-combine = "remove"
xml-combine = "append"
xml-combine = "append-without-matching" --> This is the same as xml-combine="append", except that embedded tags are not matched and combined recursively. The content is simply appended.
xml-combine = "prepend"
xml-combine = "prepend-without-matching"

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