Tuesday, 3 April 2012

ATG Search --> How to configure multiple language search

Here I am going to explain the steps involved in configuring the multi-language ATG Search if your site support multiple language. I have given the different steps in indexing and search flows.

Indexing flow :
  1. You could configure different search projects for different locales to support parallel search indexing for each locale.
  2. You could setup search environment for the search projects so that the indexing host is different for the two projects.
  3. Configure the LocaleVariantProducer @ ProductCatalogOutputConfig to specify the locale for the new language.
  4. Include the language dictionaries you need in Search Admin on the Search Projects which can be used for indexing and searching in multiple languages.
  5. Specify the locales @ \atg\search\config\LanguageDimensionService so that you could configure the search configurations for each language.
  6. When you create the search configuration tree, specify the "Contents vary by" as Language, to configure the search configurations like search redirection, result exclusion,... for each language.
  7. You need to configure the facet values as locale specific.
Search flow : 
  1. Search Formhandlers must ensure that the correct language is specified in the query requests, that it submits to Search Routing.
  2. The language input to the search engine is set in the search request from the OOB ParserOptionsXMLBuilder class. It gets the locale from the /atg/dynamo/servlet/RequestLocale and gets the language associated with the locale. The RequestLocale component is a session-scoped component that attaches locale information to the requests of the session. 
  3. In eStore (commerce) FormHandlers/Droplets set the corresponding siteName based on the current locale in /atg/dynamo/servlet/RequestLocale.
  4. You need to configure the Facet Labels specific to the locales.

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