Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Do you know these features of Java Decompiler ?

Other than the basic “search for a word” and “go to line number”, following are some of the features of the latest Java Decompiler:

1. You can open multiple Jar files in tab. You can open multiple class files in tab. If one class has a reference to another class in the same jar, you can go to that class file by just clicking :

 2. You can view the Type Hierarchy of a class file by selecting : Navigate –>  Open Type Hierarchy ( F4 ) :

 3. You can view the outline of the class ( methods and variables ) by selecting : Navigate –> Quick Outline ( Ctrl + Shift + O ) or you can click on the middle button of your mouse to open the quick outline :

 4. It is possible to save a single class file as the Java source file and also to save all the class files in a jar as a zipped source file :

 5.  Copy and paste a stacktrace from a file into the Decompiler and the stacktrace became active in a clipboard window, provided the class files already opened in the Decompiler.

6.  You can drag and drop and a set of JAR files into the Decompiler.

7. You can download the latest free version @  and the eclipse plug-in @ . Get the Eclipse 4.x version @

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