Thursday, 1 August 2013

Eclipse Kepler : Good features of Eclipse 4.3 ( Eclipse Kepler ) JDT / Workbench

Detached windows with sash

When you detach a view or editor into its own separate window, it now has all the capabilities of a normal workbench window. They now support multiple stacks of views separated by sashes with arbitrary layouts. The detached parts will remain synchronized with the master window that they were detached from. This is especially handy for people developing with two or more monitors, so they can spread views across several monitors and keep them synchronized.

Import nested projects

The Import Projects wizard now has an option to continue searching for projects to import recursively within any project it finds. This allows you to import physically nested projects at the same time.

Open Resource dialog enhancements

The Open Resource (Ctrl+Shift+R) dialog now offers direct access to the Show In and Open With menus via drop-down buttons. On platforms that support mnemonics, the buttons are also accessible via Alt+W and Alt+H.

Whole word option on File Search page

The File Search page now allows to search for words via a new option.

Open Search dialog on last used page

The Search dialog can now be configured to open on the last used page, instead of computing the best matching page based on the current selection.

Stop thread from OSGi console

If a bad plug-in runs into an endless loop, then you usually had to kill the whole Eclipse process. Now, you can launch Eclipse with -console [[host:]port] to get a safety ring. If you're then stuck in an endless loop and Eclipse doesn't respond any more, you can just execute
osgi> threads stop main
at the OSGi prompt. This will send an IllegalStateException to the "main" thread. This is usually enough to stop the endless loop, but keep the Eclipse workbench running.

New 'Convert if-else to switch' Quick Assist

The new Convert 'if-else' to 'switch' quick assist (Ctrl+1) allows you to convert an if-else statement to an equivalent switch statement:

Content assist shows Javadoc in Display, Expressions and Variables view

Content assist in the Display, Expressions and Variables view now shows Javadoc.

Support for package Javadoc in Javadoc hover and view

The Javadoc hover and view now display package Javadoc from either the or the package.html file.

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