Monday, 23 April 2012

ATG CA --> Different activity sources used @ BCC

Read about how a new link can be added in BCC home page @

Normally an file define the set of actions that it supports under a genericActivityDefinitionFile. But some  define the actions  using the workflowActivityDefinitionFiles.

For example consider the default "Content Administration" ,  "SearchAdministration",  " Merchanding "  and "Personalization" options in BCC homepage. Below I listed the and other properties for these links. To get all these activitysource names, just take the /atg/bizui/activity/ActivityManager component @ dyn/admin.

Content Administration
ActivitySource  --> /atg/bizui/activity/PublishingActivitySource

Search Administration
ActivitySource  --> /atg/bizui/activity/SearchingActivitySource

ActivitySource  -->  /atg/web/personalization/activity/PersonalizationActivitySource
workflowActivityDefinitionFiles  and genericActivityDefinitionFile

ActivitySource  -->  /atg/commerce/web/CommerceActivitySource

Consider the tasks under Merchandising,  Administer Commerce Search  and Manage Commerse Assets and a Browse option. These are defined in the workflowActivityDefinitionFile @ /atg/commerce/web/CommerceActivitySource. You could find the details in the below screen shot.

Also consider the tasks under Search Administration , these are defined  in the genericActivityDefinitionFile @ /atg/bizui/activity/SearchingActivitySource. You could find the details in the below screen shot.

The PublishingActivities.xml file is checked at intervals for modifications, so you can make changes to it without needing to restart the server. The interval is set to 5 minutes by default and is defined by the genericActivityFileModificationInterval property in the /atg/bizui/activity/ component.

When you create a workflow in the ATG Control Center, it automatically displays in the ATG Business Control Center under Merchandising in the Operations list as long as you save the workflow in the /atg/registry/data/epubworkflows/Commerce directory. If you’d prefer to keep the workflow in a different directory, you need to update the /atg/commerce/web/CommerceActivitySource component workflowDirectories property to with the new directory name and path.

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  1. Under Personalization there are 4 sub tasks Targeting and Segmentation, Preview Users, Internal Users, External Users. When i look into the xml /atg/web/personalization/activity/workflowActivities.xml i cannot see 4 activites.





    I need to add subtasks to my custom link created as per your previous post.