Monday, 29 October 2012

ATG Order update --> InvalidVersionException and ConcurrentUpdateException

ATG repository item descriptor can have the version property. The atg.adapter.gsa.ItemTransactionState holds this version information. For example consider the Order item-descriptor. It has the version property defined against the table dcspp_order. Means, the dcspp_order table has the column version which defines which version of order is currently in the DB. Each order update flow will update this column.

 <property name="version" display-name-resource="version" data-type="int" queryable="true" readable="true" column-name="version" hidden="false" category-resource="categoryInfo" expert="true" required="false" cache-mode="inherit" writable="true">
    <attribute name="uiwritable" value="false"/>
    <attribute name="propertySortPriority" value="30"/>


During the OrderManager.updateOrder() call, validation is done to compare the vesion of the Order object to the one in repository and the exception atg.commerce.order.InvalidVersionException is thrown.
2012-09-08 11:38:24,213 99015942 ERROR [nucleusNamespace.atg.commerce.order.OrderManager] (TP-Processor77:) InvalidVersionException: Unable to update order for :6226680554
2012-09-08 11:38:24,213 99015942 ERROR [nucleusNamespace.atg.commerce.order.OrderManager] (TP-Processor77:)
atg.commerce.order.InvalidVersionException: This order (6226680554) is out of date. Changes have been made to the order and the operation should be resubmitted. Order version 136, Repository item version 138.
    at atg.commerce.order.OrderManager.updateOrder(


During the order update @ GSAItemDescriptor, atg.repository.ConcurrentUpdateException is thrown if no row got updated based on the "where" condition. If the table is having a version property, the where condition includes the version also. And in case of Order, this exception may occurs if the version in the DB not matches with the one in order object.
Caused by: atg.repository.ConcurrentUpdateException: no rows updated oldVersion=3 for item=order:6284190656 in GSATransaction=atg.adapter.gsa.GSATransaction@1ccdb05    thread=TP-Processor86 transaction=TransactionImpl:XidImpl[FormatId=257, BranchQual=, localId=4931830]
    at atg.adapter.gsa.GSAItemDescriptor.updateItem(
    at atg.adapter.gsa.GSARepository.updateItem(
    at atg.commerce.order.processor.ProcSaveOrderObject.runProcess(
    at atg.service.pipeline.PipelineManager.runProcess(
    at atg.commerce.order.OrderManager.updateOrder(



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  2. How to avoid InvalidVersionException and ConcurrentUpdateException ? Does one need to wrap all update, insert order statements in begin and end transaction code ?

  3. InvalidVersionException and ConcurrentUpdateException will occur due to bad coding/ bad server configuration / clustering.