Thursday, 28 August 2014

Eclipse Luna : Good features of Eclipse 4.4 JDT / Workbench

Split editors

Do you ever find yourself working in a large file and need to view or edit multiple sections at once ? You can now split / unsplit the currently active editor. Use quick access and type split to get different options.

Dark theme

A new dark window theme has been introduced. You can enable it from the General > Appearance preference page.

Show In System Explorer

If you select a resource and right click, there is now a Show In>System Explorer context menu entry that will open the folder containing that resource in your system's file explorer.

New layout for minimized views

Minimized views can have a different display mode by right-click on the "Restore" button of a minimized stack and select the "Show in the Original Location" menu item.

Filter conflicting projects during import

When importing existing projects, you can now filter out any conflicting projects (projects that are already present in your workspace).

Quick Fixes to create 'for' loops

A set of new quick fixes can create for loops that iterate over a given expression for arrays, Collections and Lists

Enabled coloring of variables

Parameter variables and local variables are now colored by default. You can change it @ Java > Editor > Syntax Coloring preference page.

Java 8 Support

The Eclipse compiler for Java (ECJ) implements all the new Java 8 language enhancements.

Improved Hot Code Replace for member types

Hot Code Replace has been improved in the Java debugger to ensure the correct method is dropped to in member types (inner / anonymous / local classes).