Saturday, 21 July 2012

Eclipse plug-in to create Class and Sequence diagrams

ModelGoon is an Eclipse plug-in avaiable for UML diagram generation from Java code. It can be used to generate Package Dependencies Diagram, Class Diagram, Interaction Diagram and Sequence Diagram.

You coud get it from

Read more about it and see some vedios about how to create the class and sequence diagram @

Find some snapshots below which gives an idea about the diagram generation.


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  2. I am unable to update my ECLIPSE with ModelGoon Plug via MPlace.
    It says invalid repository location.

  3. Let me check and update you with in a couple of days....

  4. I am able to install ModelGoon in my eclipse indigo. Which Eclipse version you guys tried ?

    @ Eclipse market place search for ModelGoon and install it. Thats all......

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  6. Its working fine! but anyone could suggest me getting those sequence diagrams without those loops and conditions label. If its not possible doing here is there anyother plugin where i can acheive this.

  7. Nice one....For creating a sequece diagram do we have a class level option in this.
    As of now i can only see method level ?