Tuesday, 20 December 2011

ATG Search Indexing --> behind the scene steps explained

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ATG search indexing involves index file creation, deploying and copying the index file to the search engine's box. The steps can be divided into Initial stage, Preparing Content, Indexing and Deploying. Please find below the detailed analysis of each step.

1. Initial stage:
       a. Check whether the folder deployshare configured correctly @ LaunchingService.deployShare  ( \atg\search\routing\LaunchingService.deployShare ). Lets assume that it is configured to \Search2007.1\SearchEngine\i686-win32-vc71\buildedIndexFiles.
       b. Lets assume that the index file folder ( \Search2007.1\SearchEngine\i686-win32-vc71\indexFiles)  has the following segments (folders) currently :
                    66900009 @ index engine box
       66900010 @ search engine box
       c. Lets assume that the component SearchEngineService has the "Local Content Path" as following for the search and index environments :
                   Search  environment   --> ../indexFiles/66900010
        Indexing environment  --> ../indexFiles/66900009

2.Preparing Content
     a. start an indexing engine @ step "Load latest pre-index customizations"
     b. delete the folder "\indexFiles\66900009" and create a new folder "\indexFiles\66900011" @ location "SearchEngine\i686-win32-vc71\indexFiles" @ index engine box
     c. copy the files initial.index ( from SearchEngine\i686-win32-vc71\data ) and  LUIStore.stg to “indexFiles\66900011” --> done by indexing engine

     a. create a new index and stg files @ "SearchEngine\i686-win32-vc71\buildedIndexFiles". First create the index file and then the stg file.
     b. copy the new index and stg files to the folder indexFiles\66900011 --> done by indexing engine
     c. update the SearchEngineService.Local Content Path of the indexing environment to ../indexFiles\66900011
     d. kill the indexing engine

    a. start a new answer engine
    b. create the folder "indexFiles\66900012" @ answer engine box -->  done by the new engine
    c. copy the new index and stg files to the folder "indexFiles\66900012" -->  done be new engine
    d. update the SearchEngineService.Local Content Path of the search environment to ..\indexFiles\66900012
    e. delete the folder "indexFiles\66900010"
    f.  shutdown the previous running engine